An old place

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The boss at our London escorts agency has got it into his head that the place is old. This morning when he came in, he said that he could feel a presence in his office. Once a month, we all get together and have lunch, and this is what he came out with today. It seemed weird coming from him because he is a very level headed guy. I have to admit that the office building is old. The old lady upstairs has recently moved out, and maybe she forgot to take a friend with her.

The boss said the other day he was sitting at his desk, and he got the feeling that someone stood behind him. He looked around, but there was nobody there. One of the girls on the phone came into his office and said that she thought there was an extraordinary atmosphere, and that was without him saying anything to her at the strange feeling he had just had. Maybe London escorts are haunted, and we should call in psychic. I have no experience with these things, but I think those odd things happen from time to time.

You do hear of strange energies and places built on lay lines. Maybe there isn’t a ghost at London escorts, but some peculiar energy. It seems that the computers are affected as well, which is a bit of an odd sign after all. Surely, ghosts don’t know how to use computers. The entire thing is freaking the front desk girls out a bit, but there are always two of them in the office.

I feel sorry for the boss as he has to come in on his own. Okay, there might be strange ideas going through his head, but I don’t think so. He is too factual of a person to believe in hocus pocus. But, who could be hunting London escorts? If there is something to do with the old lady who just moved out, maybe we should learn more about her. Did she have a family, or did she always live there on her own? There is probably an answer somewhere, but I don’t know how we will find it.

The fact is that London escorts seem to have acquired a ghost, and we need to find it a home. The boss is going to find a psychic tomorrow and see what they say. Perhaps they can help us find a home for our ghost or send it on its way. The said another girl said that we are very close to an old graveyard. Maybe somebody has been moved who did not want to be, and this is the person who has taken up residence at our escorts agency.

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