What is the future of London escorts?

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We seem to be putting in more and more services for the gents who enjoy the company of London Escorts, and I am honestly beginning to wonder if we are going too far. There is no way that all of these different services can be delivered in the right kind of way.


Why do gents expect so much from London escorts? I blame the porn industry. It has become so competitive in recent years that it is hard to say what it is going to come up with next. Movies have become more extreme, and there are now many gents who assume they can date porn stars at escorts agencies in London. Some girls at our escort agency call themselves porn stars but really they may have only made one movie. I really can’t say that you are a porn star after just one movie.


Mind you, that is not the only thing which gets to a lot of London escorts. Since I joined the escort service in London, I have noticed that there is a need for shorter dates. Some gents are in such a hurry that they do only want to date for about 30 minutes. The question is – do you really get anything out of shorter dates? I really don’t think that you do, and you really should focus on longer dates instead.


The amount of different dating styles is also becoming more and more extreme. When I first started dating with London escorts, no one asked for dates like Hentai dates. Now Hentai porn is really in here in the UK, and if you work for an escort agency in London as a role play specialist, you are bound to be asked for Hentai porn style dates. I am not sure that I would be able to keep all of those different characters in my head let alone different costumes in my wardrobe.


I really don’t know what it is going to happen, but it seems like we are becoming sort of a fantasy land when it comes to dating. We are expected to deliver lots of different dating styles, and I am not sure that we can keep up with it at all. I still get a kick out of my job with the escort agency here in London, but at the same time, I feel it is becoming hard work. I would love to go back to do something normal business and dinner date dating, but I am not sure that is ever going to happen again. Do I feel like a puppet? I do actually, and I am not the only girl at our escort service in London to say that. More girls than ever before say that they feel that they are just putting on an act when they start their shifts.

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