It is always a sad event when someone that is close to our hearts leaves us – London escorts



The relationship that we have and the precious memories of them will forever be cherished. Maybe all good things have an ending? I have experienced this many times in my life. And it is never a good time to have. I want to cry and get depressed if someone close to me is leaving me. It is a part of the life that we all have to accept and have peace with. It might not be a fun place to be, but for us to grow, we should be able to overcome simple circumstances such as this. When my mother left us when I was just a little boy, to work in a foreign country. It was a very tough thing to do.

Growing up without a mother is always sad. I always use to think that it was unfair for me. All the other children in our neighborhood have their mother with them all the time. My mother had to work overseas so that he can afford to send my sister and me to school. I never knew how must have been difficult for my mother working in the different country for us. I despised her because I felt that she left us because she did not love us. She just went us in our grandparents and did not think of me at all. It was such a selfish thing to do. I still regret to this day.

My father passed away at a very young age due to a rare brain disease. My mom told me that he loved us more than anything in the world. My dad has many plans and dreams for us but he never really had the chance to fulfill it. He was a police officer, a great man that protected the city and served justice. One day I promise myself that I would become like him. I would bring honor and glory to his name. I would do the things that he never got a chance to do. I will remind everybody that he is not forgotten. That is why I began to change my attitude for me to make my dream a reality.

I worked really hard every day to make sure that I am getting closer and closer to it. Even though the path of becoming a police officer is hard. I will push through and persevere on it. I will work hard until I make my mother proud of me. That is why I book London escort to help me in my journey. Cheap London escorts are my aid to the mission that I am taking. I can do it with the help of London escorts.

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