Why Oral Sex is Important

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Brea Malacad, a researcher at the University of Alberta, says that oral sex is a fundamental sexual activity in the 21 century. It is the most common form of sexual practice for adults and young couples today. There are a lot of reasons why this sexual activity is gaining much popularity people. And if you have yet to adopt it, there are a lot of benefits that you waste an opportunity to enjoy. Oral sex gives the best sex experience when done with an escort. In this article, we discuss reasons why oral sex is beneficial.

1. It’s the Best to Way to Attain Orgasm for Women

Research shows that approximately 70 percent of the women will easily have the orgasm when their clitoris gets direct stimulation with your lips, or tongue like a man. Sexologists also claim that the source of women’s orgasms is their clit. To attain maximum stimulation, therefore, oral sex is the most recommended type of sex. As a man, consider using your tongue as it is warm and soft, and with saliva as a natural lubricant. Oral sex is part of foreplay for escort girls and makes it easy for them to orgasm.
If you are not a good performer in sex, oral sex can be of great help to you. It helps you not to rush into vaginal intercourse. For adult men, vaginal intercourse provides quick stimulation to the penis, and therefore they attain orgasm in early stages. However, this is not the case with women. Women will call for stimulus over a more extended period, than men last. Doing oral sex for your girl will help reduce levels of sexual dissatisfaction. If you are a woman and wish to receive the best oral sex experience today, consider hiring a male escort.

2. It is healthy

When a woman is the one giving it, oral sex will be of healthy importance to her body, and mental well-being. The semen produced by the males are said to contain chemicals that are anti-depressants. These chemicals reduce depression and anxiety in women, keeping them happy. Research based in the State University of New York shows that women who receive oral sex indicate low levels of stress. It also helps to improve their sex life self-esteem. Escorts are well trained on oral sex and will give you the best.

3. Sex Happiness

One way to make sex life more fun and exciting is through oral sex. It is more satisfying and full of fun. As seen above, it helps women attain orgasm, and as a result, it increases happiness in a relationship. It is also the best way to build a strong bond in relationships.

Oral sex is an essential part of sex life and doing it with an escort will give you the best feeling ever. However, it is good to consider the necessary precautions when doing it to avoid infections.

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